Michaelangelo Wescott is the chef and owner of Gypsy Apple Bistro, French inspired dining. Celebrating 15 years of service at his flagship restaurant, Wescott becomes a restauranteur with a new venture this year in Northampton, MA. WINE WITCH wine bar + eatery will serve classic and inventive dishes, small plates, charcuterie and more. Featuring selections from Wescott who is also a sommelier, the libations list is not the only highlight of the WITCH.

A true artist, his passions extend beyond the culinary realm and encompasses his ability to pair music, wine, and atmosphere with the dining experience that comes directly from cooking with the heart. Wescott is known for an ever changing menu focused on seasonality and mindfully sourced food with a specially crafted wine list that reflects the uniqueness of his life. 

Born in Fort Greene, Brooklyn in the early 70s, he and his brother were raised by their parents (both immigrants) in a community surrounded by food culture. His father owned and operated a bodega and his mother, while working, would offer an experimental touch to her home cooking. From beginning to work in high school, Michelangelo’s experience ranges from fish deliveries under the Rev. Moon Unification Church, to cooking with a Sardinian restaurant in the Caribbean, and finding mentorship at the beloved Green St. Cafe in Northampton, Massachusetts near the five college consortium.  His interest in wine follows a similarly circuitous path, beginning with indulging in bottles under a $1 each and more recently, receiving his Level 1 Sommelier certification.
Michaelangelo’s WINE WITCH wine bar + eatery will be open in 2022.


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